“Life is a daring adventure or nothing”


What is adventure for you?

Perhaps it’s something exotic: learning to kiteboard in the Philippines or hiking to remote hill tribes in Malaysia; kayaking uninhabited islands in Thailand or jungle trekking across one; climbing up a mountain in Myanmar or skiing down one in India.

Maybe it’s something closer to home: trading your weekend routine for camping in a national park; or swapping the usual work commute for a bicycle or runners.

Why do you do it?

Here’s the super cool video that inspired this post:



Adventure is like yin and yang, which represents the connection between opposing forces.

One without the other doesn’t work.

Think: night and day, male and female, birth and death, hot and cold. The list goes on. The two opposites compliment one another. If you think about it, everything has both yin and yang aspects.

Adventure does.

On the other side of self-doubt is empowerment; of pain is satisfaction; of tears is joy.

What would the moment the afternoon sun kisses the mountain-side matter if it hadn’t been raining all morning? What would it mean to stand atop the summit if you hadn’t felt pain and self-doubt on the assent?


No pain…


…no gain.

In these moments, adventure forces focus and clarity. In an ‘always on world’ of smartphones, email, Facebook and 10 hour work days, adventure takes us back to pure, in-the-moment focus and clarity.

That moment could be pain or fear; it could be awe or satisfaction. Whatever the emotion, you are 100% present in that moment. Thoughts of what did or didn’t happen in the past are irrelevant. What may or may not happen tomorrow doesn’t matter.

What is adventure for you and why do you do it?



AdventureHoney exists to make these experiences happen. A website where you can safely book adventure tours and activities; direct with the best local operators in the world. Our focus for now is Asia only.

*Title quote: Hellen Keller

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