Life Changing Wisdom From A Rapper

What’s your #1 focus right now?

Is it climbing the corporate ladder or traveling the world? Finding your dream guy or girl or prepping for exams? Raising kids or planning for retirement?

Whatever it is, this video will help you get where you want to go.

(WARNING: if the F-bomb offends you, leave now!)


This is reward versus risk. This is the tightrope of success and failure. This is life.

For some, this is an uncomfortable place. For most, the consequences of playing in this space can be uncomfortable.

But, the consequences can also be pure elation.

You go skydiving, there’s a chance the chute doesn’t open and you plummet to a bloody death. When it does, you feel more alive than ever before.

You walk up to that girl or guy minding their own business at the bus stop. You could get shut down and cop a dent to your mojo. But, you might find your soul mate. (Or at least a right now mate ;))

In his own straight-up, no BS way, this rapper cuts straight to the point and shows us that if you want AWESOME, you must get out of your comfort zone. You must embrace a little danger if you want the reward.


When did you decide not to play it safe and said f*ck it? What happened?

AdventureHoney exists to get you out of the comfort zone and into the awesome zone. A website where you can safely book adventure tours and activities; direct with the best local operators in the world. Whether it’s a kayaking tour with your family, a wild night tour of Bangkok or hanging off a limestone karst high above the Andaman Sea with some Thailand climbing…AdventureHoney makes it happen.

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