Are you a jaded traveler?

Can you remember what it felt like the first time you sat on a plane? The first time those jet engines roared into life and you sailed through the clouds thousands of feet higher than you’d ever been before?

A recent trip to the Philippines got me thinking.

Do we get jaded as travelers?

Do we forget to appreciate how remarkable it is to fly 800 kilometres per hour at 30,000 feet above the Earth’s surface and land in a country where everything is different to the place from which we took off?

A few weeks ago I took off from Sydney, Australia hitting the Philippine coastline after about 6 hours or so. A bright blue ocean dotted with small white atolls gave way to solid land covered in lush jungle. The sun pierced through scattered white clouds creating a half rainbow that hung in the sky.


First sighting of the Philippines!

No words can describe how stunning it was. The photo above does the moment no justice.

But, then I noticed something.

Turning my attention back into the cabin, I was the only person in the plane with the window shade open. Everyone else was either listening to music or zoned out watching a movie in darkness with the window shade drawn.

Relative to everyone else, I was like a first time flyer. Staring out the window, wrapped in awe at this amazing show unfolding before my eyes.

Here’s my challenge to you. Next time you get on an plane, take the window seat and appreciate the view! Get excited. Be curious. Connect with your inner child and NEVER become a jaded traveler.

What’s the most exciting thing about traveling for you?

2 responses to “Are you a jaded traveler?

  1. What a lovely post… I’ll admit to feeling a *little* jaded with my travels. Unless it’s a destination I’m really excited about, somewhere completely different and exotic, I’ve found myself a little blase about travel these days. Maybe I need to remember your words the next time I’m on a plane (in 4 days) and remind myself to look out the window. šŸ™‚

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