Backpacking Characters Of The World! Which One Are You?

When you travel, especially the backpacking variety, you meet plenty of colourful characters. Some weird, some wonderful, some wacky but, always memorable. As you skip from hostel to hostel you’re sure to notice some recurring themes with the characters you meet.

Today, we’re celebrating the stereotypes!

The Veteran

Grey hair, long beard, sandals and wise eyes. This is your typical backpacking veteran. The veteran’s age usually means they stick out in a hostel crowd. Some might be wary of a 50+ traveller. What are they trying to get away from? Surely they’re too old for this!? However, the veteran can be your best source of travel info out there. Usually full of awesome inside tips on the best travel experiences the veteran traveller is sure to put you in touch with that unique, authentic adventure travel experience you crave. Never underestimate the value of the veteran.


The Veteran

The Drunk

Beer singlet, bright shorts, beer in hand and a goofy smile on their face. Every hostel has the standard backpacking drunk (some more than others!) Usually found in places where the music is loud and the drinks are cheap the travelling drunk is a source of entertainment…in small doses! Although the hostel drunk won’t have much in the way of cultural and historical tips, they’ll help you sniff out the cheapest beers and the best party in town. Although some brush the backpacking drunk off as “uncultured”, they will always be the first ones to shout you a beer and take you under their wing for a wild night out! If ever unable to find the drunk, simply Google: ‘Irish Bar.’ Works every time.


The Drunk

The Gappy

Wide-eyed, baby faced, naïve and seeing the world for the very first time, gappies are great entertainment and value on the tourist trail. The “gappy” is someone in their first year out of high school, taking a year off work to travel. Gappies are generally fantastic company on the tourist trail as their youthful innocence and enthusiasm mean they are keen to make the most of every single moment. However, be warned. They usually can’t relate to the concept of “relaxing” so if lying on the beach or getting stuck into a good book is on your agenda, you might need to look elsewhere for a travel buddy.


The Gappy

The Regular

With tattered clothes and an unshaven exterior (we’re talking both sexes here…hello ladies!) the regular can usually be found working behind the hostel desk or bar. They’re the type of traveller that usually spends months at a time exploring a single destination, adopting the local hostel as home and helping out where they can for a little extra cash. The regular is always relaxed; they don’t have a time limit or a strict itinerary. Instead they are simply content to cruise on through their travels taking each day as it comes. Chances are the regular has been on the road for quiet some time so they are sure to have some stories to tell. They’re love for immersive travel is infectious. But be warned. They will not conform to the regular ‘let’s keep moving’ backpacker mentality. Enjoy their company while you can…then get the hell out of there!


The Regular

The Travel Snob

Usually cloaked out in a local outfit reading a novel on philosophy or sociology, the travel snob is the mood killer of every party. They are usually disgusted by everything “mainstream” constantly interrupting conversations with “I would never go there. It’s so dang touristy”. Although we are all on the lookout for unique and adventurous travel experiences, the travel snob just takes this too far. They are the type of traveller who will spend 6 weeks in an isolated Amazon village just so they can top any travel story you’ve got to offer. Despite all of this, if you don’t take them too seriously, the travel snob can be a pretty solid source of entertainment!


The Travel Snob

So, which one are you?

I bet you can think of a friend or two who fit one or more of these profiles…share it with them!

p.s. if ‘The Veteran’ or ‘The Regular’ can’t connect you with cool stuff to do…AdventureHoney can 🙂

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