Three Ways To Give Back When You Travel

If you’re reading this, you love adventure travel. New experiences, stories, tastes, thrills, sights, sounds… it gives us so much. For those of us fortunate enough experience adventure travel in developing countries, we’re often compelled to give something back. is a place to book adventure travel tours where every time you book, some of your travel dollars are used to help end extreme poverty. (Details below)

So being the responsible traveller you are, we thought it might be nice to consider a few more ways we can give back when we hit the road.


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Teaching is a wonderful gift to give. In developing countries education is where the battle to end poverty begins. Education gives people a chance to further their skill set and capacity to make a sustainable living for themselves and contribute to the lives of others. While you can teach almost anything, teaching English is often highly sought after. As the international language, English is an invaluable asset for progress in developing countries. If you’re into something a little more specialised there are plenty of programs designed to promote social entrepreneurship such as the Changemaker Program.  AdventureHoney donates 25% of its profits to this program ensuring it gives back to the communities that have built it into the awesome adventure company it is today!


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If teaching isn’t  your thing then perhaps building is. Infrastructure is one of the first step’s forward for impoverished communities and a helping hand is always needed. Whether it’s building wells in the African Sahara, schools in a Cambodian village or housing in a Bolivian orphanage, building is a rewarding way to get your hands dirty and help the local community. This is the perfect volunteer opportunity for people with a trade because it gives you the chance to teach some of your valuable skills to the local people and create plenty of smiles in the process!


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If you’ve had a moving experience whilst giving back through your travels the best thing you can do is tell everyone about it! Chances are if you thought it was worthwhile then other people will too. Often the hardest thing about heading home is a sense of abandonment. If you share your experience and encourage others to get involved, you’ll be part of a movement and magnify your impact through word of mouth. I’ve referred countless friends to the Stepping Out Program in  Cambodia since visiting there earlier this year. It’s wonderful not only to see that these communities receive continued support, but that my friends are able to share this special experience.

How do you give back when you travel?

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