AdventureHoney Featured in The Iconic

The Iconic is one of the biggest and best online clothing stores in Australia/New Zealand. So when they reached out to AdventureHoney CEO and travel guy Chris Ball he did what any hungry entrepreneur would do. He said…ahem, yes.


Front page of the 2013/2014 Spring/Summer edition of The Iconic magazine.

Chris had a laugh when quizzed on his experience: “It wasn’t like anything I expected. But that’s not surprising because I hadn’t expected anything!”

We thought you might like to know what went down and what everyone got out of it.

Chris reveals all below:

Walking into the foyer of a posh harbourside Sydney hotel, I didn’t have time to take in the stunning views. There to greet me was the lovely Kirsten (magazine editor) with a creative director, photographer, photographer’s assistant, stylist and hair and makeup artist. Wow.

I was whisked off to inspect a series of outfits. When quizzed on my style, I offered jeans and t-shirt. Next thing I knew I was sporting a pair of maroon jeans so tight they felt like they were integrating into my skin, some funky suede shoes and a powder blue jacket!


A few wardrobe changes and countless blue steels later we were done.


I think the exercise provided value for both parties.

1. For The Iconic: Engage audience with a ‘real person’ and a nice story to show off some of the great stuff you can buy on their site.

2. For AdventureHoney: Share the AdventureHoney story with an audience keen to get out there and experience the best things in life.

I’d be more at home hunting Thai or Philippines adventure tours somewhere in Asia, where we’re focused right now. But it was a lot of fun and I think all involved got a good result.

Questions, comments and insults welcome in the comments below 😉

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