Adventure Travel: The Cure to Growing Up


A reflective moment in Vietnam

As a 21 year old, I’ve done my fair share of adventure travel. I’m not claiming to be the most hard-core traveler but, I’ve had a good crack. From zip lining through Thai jungle to scuba diving pristine reefs and trekking remote jungle chasing adventure is critical to my happiness. As a budget traveller I’m also privy to the less glamorous side of backpacking. Dingy hostels, overland bus trips stuck next to smelly locals, days with out a shower etc etc. You know the deal. At 21 I haven’t got a ton of life experience but, from what I do have, I can say there’s nothing like throwing your worldly possessions into a backpack and jumping on the backpacking trail into the unknown.



Diving in Koh Lipe, Thailand

I spent a bit of time travelling through Vietnam with an Englishman who somehow managed to pull off the “three quarter jeans and joggers” look… well, maybe not. But he came as close as anyone before him! A colourful well-travelled character, he was full of wisdom. For an aspiring young backpacker this was rather intoxicating. One night, most likely after a few too many local rice wines, he told me, “Travelling is like Neverland. You never have to grow up”. The words stuck.

In the “real world” it’s easy to become a slave to your watch, bank account, job and various other social pressures. In “Neverland” there’s one currency: experience. Real world questions such as, how much do you earn? Where do you work? What brand is that? What school did you attend? Are replaced by travel questions. Where have you been? What have you done? What have you seen? Where are you going next? Your worth is not measured by the size of your bank account or price of your shoes. It’s measured by the quality of experience that you take from your travel adventures.


Hanging with elephants in northern Thai refuge

Sure enough most of us pack our bags and board a flight back to reality at some stage. There’s nothing wrong with seeking the securities of the real world and striving for the comforts that come with it. However, at AdventureHoney we believe that whenever possible, everyone should purchase a ticket to Neverland. Whether it’s going hard in your early 20s, draining the last years of youth in your late 20s, doing it in style in your 30s or recapturing that feeling in your 40s (with or without kids in tow!) we should ALL make sacrifices to ensure we continue to experience the best things in life. Such experiences flow freely in Neverland.

Without getting too salesy (eeek!) this is why the founders of AdventureHoney started the website. To make it easy for people of the world to find and book travel tours and activities. Neverland experiences.

Happy travels 🙂


Creative photography at Chocolate Hills in the Philippines… yum!

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