If you had 1 GoPro and 1 day in Thailand, what would you do?

Earlier this year, Adventure Honey went on a mission: travel to Thailand, find the best things to do and film everything with a GoPro. But there was a catch. We had to do it in one day!

From our hotel in Bangkok to cliff jumping in Krabi, kayaking near Phuket, snorkelling, jungle trekking then… riding off into the sunset on a motorbike before partying till the wee hours on a beach! This is travel in Thailand at it’s best.

If you or your friends are travelling to Thailand sometime soon, hopefully this little vid inspires you in some small way to make the most of your experience. Sure, there’ll be days for chillin’ out. (That’s an important part of any holiday!) But don’t forget to make time, to really get of your comfort zone and do something extraordinary. Whether it’s Thai rock climbing and cliff jumping from 20 metres into the Andaman Sea, kayaking near Phuket or just eating some crazy street food – it’s these remarkable experiences that you’ll be reflecting on until the day you die.

Go make it happen!

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