5 Cambodian Dishes To Tantalise Your Tastebuds

Different people travel for different reasons. But EVERYONE needs to eat!

Renowned for its ancient Angkor temples, friendly smiles and cheap beer, Cambodia’s cuisine is often overlooked.

As you know, AdventureHoney is all about making it easy for you guys to find and book cool things to do in Asia. But this post is all about adventure eating! Yeah that’s right, adventure eating 🙂

It’s time to get out of your gastronomic comfort zone with our 5 favourite dishes in Cambodia.

Khmer Curry


Thailand has pad Thai, Vietnam has Pho, Malaysia has Laksa and Cambodia has Khmer curry. The creamy, mild dish is best served in a traditional ceramic cooking pot (pictured above). Usually served with rice and potatoes the curry can be cooked with any meat (we mean any!) and is best washed down with an ice-cold Angkor beer. For a truly authentic Khmer curry experience, explore the back alleys of Siem Reap where you’ll find locals cooking the delicious dish on small charcoal fires.

Fish Amok


If Khmer curry employed an intern to shoulder some of the menu’s workload, Amok would be the number one choice for the job. Usually served in a neatly wrapped banana leaf, this dish is Cambodia’s interpretation of a fish curry. Legend has it that Portuguese spice traders brought the recipe from the Malay peninsula in the 17th Century and it’s been a permanent fixture on Cambodian menu’s ever since! Of the countless fish amok’s I’ve had, the standout has got to be from the “Beach Bar Bungalows” on the small island of Koh Rong Saloem.

Lap Khmer


Lap Khmer is a popular lime-marinated beef salad combination containing lemongrass, garlic, basil, mint and green beans. The dish is particularly popular with Cambodian men who eat the beef virtually raw but, in restaurants meat is served medium to well done to suit western tastes. Some of the best Lap Khmer’s can be found from the many rustic beach shacks lining the popular beaches of Sihanoukville.

Green Mango Salad


Much lighter than its Thai counterpart, Cambodian Green Mango salad is a perfect lunchtime snack to escape the year round swelter of the Cambodian heat. Often served with dry shrimp this dish can be found fresh and tasty in the Phnom Penh Russian markets.

Deep-Fried Bananas  


Probably not the most authentic Cambodian cuisine, the locals are crazy about this tasty treat. Bananas are a staple for  Cambodians and the country’s conditions are perfect for their cultivation. Whether it’s served with ice cream at a fancy restaurant or plucked from a hawker when your stumbling home after a night out, this is the ultimate Cambodian snack. Grab one from the countless smiling street vendors lining Bar Street, Siem Reap.

What’s your favourite food in Cambodia?

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