Ride For Entrepreneurs Ending Poverty

Connecting professionals who’ve made it with entrepreneurs in the developing world who need our help.”

Changemaker [noun]: Local social entrepreneurs launching great ideas in very poor areas to change the lives of people in poverty.

Spark* finds and supports these Changemakers and connects them with people like you to help them grow their projects, bringing more people out of poverty.

Chris Ball in support of Spark International is cycling from Seattle to San Francisco on under $3US a day (the average daily income of half the population of the developing world) to riase money for Changemakers in the developing world and share an inspiring presentation with the US west coast’s most progressive companies.

These inspiring entrepreneurs whose social business ideas are ending poverty need our help. Meet a few below 🙂

What will each presentation cover?

The presentation promises to inspire, inform and entertain attendees.

There are 2 options:

OPTION 1: A 15-minute (plus up to 15-min for discussion) inspirational, informative and entertaining overview of how the Spark International model eliminates poverty by enabling local entrepreneurs.  You’ll also get to meet some of the incredible Changemakers Spark’s enabled in Africa and the Pacific.

OPTION 2: A 1-hour in-depth analysis of not only the Spark Model for poverty reduction and the Changemakers it’s enabled, but the failures, successes and vision for the future. Option 2 will also dig deeper into Chris’ experience as CEO of the social for-profit enterprise, AdventureHoney and its partnership with Spark. Leveraging the ‘social good element’ of a business’s value proposition to not only do good, but be more profitable, is a tricky business.  This session will be about success, failure and everything in between!

Be the Chanange:

If anyone is inspired to donate, 100% of funds raised go to Spark International: a US/Australian not-for-profit organization enabling local entrepreneurs in Africa and the Pacific.

This is an opportunity not to be missed!

What’s next?

Times are filling fast. We still have slots available in Seattle and San Francisco for both the short and long format presentations:
– Seattle: Mon 25 and Tues 26 August
– San Francisco City: Wed 10 and Fri 12 September
– Silicon Valley: Thurs 11 September

Contact us now to secure your time!

Yvonne Sewankambo – PR & Events Intern
skype: heartz.22


Like a little more information? Read on!

Why Enable Changemakers?
Half the population of the developing world. Half. That’s how many humans currently subsist on less than $3 a day in developing countries. Can you imagine if you were one of them?


John Taka is a Spark Changemaker.
In John’s impoverished Papua New Guinean village, few children had access to education. His idea: a sweet potato co-op designed to invest proceeds into local kids’ tuition.

John was identified by Spark as a Changemaker – an entrepreneur with an idea that could lift people out of extreme poverty.

His sweet potato farm has now put 20 kids through university. With Spark’s support, he diversified to offer banking services to 1500 people, extended health care to 7500 people and led the construction of a road connecting the village to the highway!

This is what entrepreneurs ending extreme poverty looks like.

The people behind Ride For Entrepreneurs Ending Poverty:

chris_ballChris Ball 

  • Online travel entrepreneur and adventurer. (Also a  VERY amateurish cyclist)
  • Traveled extensively throughout impoverished communities in Africa, Asia, South America, Middle East and Eastern Europe. The warmth and generosity of people with so little, but with so much potential had a profound impact and compelled Chris to help.
  • Co-Founded AdventureHoney: a booking engine for tours & activities in Asia, which supports Spark via the Changemaker Program.

aaron_taitAaron Tait – Spark International Co-Founder

  • Former Australian military officer who served in the Middle East after 9/11.
  • Cambridge Graduate.
  • Founder of award winning education company.



Kaitlin Tait – Spark International Co-Founder

  • San Francisco native.
  • Years of development work experience in Latin America, Africa, Asia and Pacific.

Inspiration for Spark International

While running a secondary school in a Tanzanian slum, Aaron and Kaitlin noticed that the best solutions to poverty came from local leaders. However, it was painfully difficult for these smart, motivated people to scale their ideas. Enter Spark.

Spark International USA is a 501 (c)(3) registered charity and is also an Australian registered charity.

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