My 3 favourite things to do in southern Thailand

By Katie Jones

So you’ve finally decided to visit Thailand. Or, maybe you’re returning to an old favourite.

Either way, you’re Thailand bound and I have the inside scoop on three things that you simply must, “ya’ll be crazy if you don’t” do during your trip to amazing Thailand.

1. Explore Khao Sok National Park

What’s the first thing you think of when you think of southern Thailand? Beaches? Diving? Party? All good options, but one of my all-time favourite place in southern Thailand offers none of the above. It offers much, much more!

Get up close with elephants, drift through rainforest by canoe, see an abundance of local wildlife, camp out in style… Khao Sok is a stunning place to experience southern Thailand at its natural best.

Whether you’re a hardcore explorer and camper or someone who prefers luxuries and having everything taken care of for you, you will love this experience. Check it out


2. Scuba dive off Koh Lipe

I can’t have a top three for southern Thailand without some scuba diving… But I am going to give you something a little different. (i.e. not Phuket, Samui or Phi Phi!

Where am I sending you? Koh Lipe!

Enjoy an amazing day diving and just generally ‘living the dream’ as you dive off your specialised dive boat (each one has toilets and sun deck).

There’s a ton of stuff to see diving around Koh Lipe. Whale sharks, manta rays, devil rays, eagle rays, blue spotted lagoon rays, leopard sharks, black tip reef sharks, groupers, loads of different moray eels, barracudas, turtles, parrot fish, lion fish, scorpion fish…there’s seahorses and ghost pipefish…and many more! Just so much diversity down there, so keep your eyes peeled!  Check it out


3. Sailing, swimming and snorkelling all at once (kinda) 

This for me is the best possible way to experience the stunning Phang Nga Bay. Oh, and if you’re visiting Phuket and don’t visit Phang Nga Bay, you’re crazy!

Sailing on a stunning Siamese junk boat, can you imagine a better day than swimming, eating and simply relaxing on the deck and absorbing the spectacular natural scenery.

Do it! Check it out




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