AdventureHoney.com connects travellers safely adventure tours & activities; using one quarter of proceeds to invest in local people and place. Wild experiences, positive impact.

Wild experiences?

Whether you want to kayak a remote jungle, replant mangroves in a river outside of Bangkok, trek to the top of a mountain or jump off one…you’ll find it on AdventureHoney.com.

Positive impact?

$1 of every $4 we make is invested into the Changemaker Program. A program designed in conjunction with our partners at Spark*,  which ensures every time you play with us, we use your travel dollars to empower local changemakers to deliver local solutions for local problems in some of the poorest places on Earth.


Chris Ball is the Co-Founder, CEO of AdventureHoney

Sebastien Eckersley-Maslin is the Technical Co-Founder AdventureHoney


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